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Air Ducts – Signs it’s Time for Maintenance

When it comes to HVAC system maintenance, air ducts are usually the last item on a homeowner’s mind. Air ducts are an important element of your home’s ventilation system. Without them, your HVAC unit wouldn’t be able to transport air from room to room.

Your air ducts though sometimes overlooked, require care, maintenance, repairs, and even replacement from time to time. Although how can you tell when they need to be replaced? After all, you don’t even see them very often.

Did you know that leaks and improperly fitting ducts lose about 25% of the air in your HVAC ductwork? This can result in hundreds of dollars being squandered each year. Fortunately, there are options for dealing with this issue. You may either update your ducting or hire someone to replace your air ducts. It is critical to take action about the state of your ducts before it is too late. Continue reading to learn how to recognize ductwork issues and what to do about them.

Air Ducts by ATN Mechanical Systems

Why HVAC Air Ducts are so Important

When it comes to their HVAC system, many individuals neglect the ducts.

This may be an expensive error. The ducts draw air from various sections of your house to be heated or cooled and then return it to those same locations.

Air pressure is lost if the ductwork is poorly linked or has numerous holes. As a result, your HVAC system has to work more, resulting in a higher energy cost.

On average, ducts are meant to endure for 10-15 years. They’re built out of a mix of materials, including fiberglass and plastic.

These conduits will be damaged at some point. The sooner you notice indications of deterioration and take action, the better. This is because you avoid overspending on your energy bill and avoiding more expensive maintenance tasks.

When your ducts are damaged, your comfort level plummets. Your air conditioning equipment, for example, may be inefficient, resulting in cold or hot patches in specific rooms. Obviously, there are things you can do to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, but it’s critical to address the ducts first to avoid more serious issues.

Similarly, mould and mildew problems can cause broken ducts to force poisonous air through the vents. It is critical to keep your HVAC ducts in good working order for your health and quality of life.

Signs that Signal You Could Need Air Duct Replacement

Here are a few key indicators to check for to see if your ducts need to be repaired or replaced.

Excessively Noisy HVAC System

While your HVAC system is meant to generate noise while operating, the volume should not be excessive.

If you hear rattling noises or if your HVAC ductwork vibrates excessively when heating or cooling your home, you should examine the ducts.

Keep in mind that your ducts are linked with plastic or fiberglass connections. You’ll typically hear rattling or whistling sounds if these joints are damaged.

When air moves through the ducts, you’ll hear loud sounds if there are holes in the ductwork. Don’t ignore the noise; it’ll just become louder.

Costly Energy Bills from Ineffective Air Ducts

Costly Energy Bills

When air travels through your ducts, it’s natural for some to escape.

However, if more than 20% of the air escapes, it will ultimately show up on your energy bill.

The rationale is straightforward. To have a warm house, you set the thermostat to a specific temperature. The temperature in the house rises, but not significantly. The HVAC system is inefficient since a lot of air is leaving.

Because the HVAC system eventually needs to work more to heat or cool your house, this inefficiency is what causes you to spend more on your energy bill. If you haven’t recently added a lot of electronics to your home (laptops, computers, kitchen appliances, etc.), the increase in your energy cost might be due to leaking ductwork.

Circulation through Air Ducts by ATN Mechanical Systems

Uneven Cooling and Heating

In comparison to the rest of the house, homeowners may realize that one or more rooms are poorly heated or cooled.

This might be caused by defective ducting that does not distribute enough air around your home.

Using an inside thermometer, you can readily confirm this. If the temperature fluctuations are definitely out of the ordinary, you should definitely examine your ducts. This problem might be caused by massive leaks in a duct. These leaks will allow air to leave, preventing it from warming or cooling a specific section of your space.

An Overly Dusty Home

Dust is very difficult to remove. It may be found both inside and outside of buildings.

However, if you notice that there is just too much dust in your home, it might be due to an issue with your ductwork.

Dust from outside the ducts can infiltrate the system via holes and leaks. The dust is then carried to the vents via the HVAC ductwork and dispersed throughout your home.

If you sneeze more than normal, your home might be highly dusty. The cause could be defective ducting. It’s critical to take action as soon as possible. Or else, you risk acquiring cardiovascular problems.

Smelling or Seeing Mould and Mildew in your Home

Mould and mildew issues can also be created by ducts that are not properly connected or insulated.

Mould and mildew grow as a result of temperature differences between the interior and outside of the HVAC ducting. Condensation can form when warm air passes through cold ducts, for example. Mould and mildew may grow over several weeks or months. You’ll notice it when air is forced into your home through vents.

Mould and mildew may cause a variety of health issues. As well as significantly degrade your furnishings. So examine your ductwork as soon as you see mould in your home.

Pest in Air Ducts by ATN Mechanical Systems

Dealing with Pests in your Air Ducts

Apart from mould and mildew, insect infestations can be caused by old and damaged ducting.

This occurs as a result of ducting leaks and gaps. Which allows pests and rodents to enter. These pests may quickly develop colonies and bring a slew of issues over time.

Pests may create unpleasant odours and the spread of germs and microorganisms. You may even notice strange sounds in the middle of the night. Among a wide variety of other issues.

Furthermore, if bugs or rodents cause ducting obstructions, your HVAC system may be harmed. What should you do in this situation? It’s simple: carefully examine your ducting. If you see symptoms of a pest infestation, you’ll need expert assistance to get rid of them. As well as rebuild your ducting.

We’re Here to Help You Inspect Your Air Ducts

Whether you want to fix a few ducts in your HVAC system or you are considering a total air duct replacement, don’t put it off any longer!

Give us a call now and let one of our specialists examine your ducts. When it comes to HVAC systems, we have a wealth of experience and are happy to help.


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