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Home Safety

Get Answers to the 10 Most Common HVAC Problems

While some HVAC issues are simply a matter of cleaning coils and filters, many of the 10 most common heating and cooling systems problems will develop into much bigger concerns if not services early on. Most of these can be avoided with regular maintenance and service calls. It is a wise decision to have your…

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Air Quality in Your Home

This year, we have spent more time indoors. While some of us are looking to tackle things we don’t usually have time to do. Others are working from home full time. Is your home as comfortable as you’d like it to be? It should be a place to relax and rejoice. However, for some, it’s…

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Furnace Repair: Spot an HVAC Emergency

There is nothing worse than coming home to no heat. Or worse, waking up with no heat. So, now is the time to get that furnace in tip-top condition. With proper care, your furnace should work without flaw. However, things can still go wrong. Do you know how to spot an HVAC emergency? This month,…

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Buying a Home for the First Time

Are you buying a home for the first time? Well, you have come to the right place. We have been in your shoes. Moreover, we understand the excitement (and stress) that comes along with buying a home. So, what should you focus on first? It’s time to get out your pen and paper – this…

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Tips to Sell Your Home

Are you looking for some tips to sell your home? Or maybe, you are getting ready to put it on the market and want some fresh ideas. At any rate, we have a few excellent tips to sell your home FAST! Homebuyers today are looking for more than the basics. In fact, most people want…

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Space Heater Safety Tips

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save. Moreover, the winter months tend to be the most costly. Space heaters have become a popular alternative to heating your whole home. While they may prove to be more efficient, they come with risks. Space heaters have a bad reputation as a fire hazard. Therefore, it is…

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Carbon Monoxide: Are You Protected?

Carbon monoxide kills. It’s colourless, odorless, tasteless and extremely toxic. More than 50 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning in Canada alone, including an average of 11 in Ontario. Carbon monoxide protection is forgotten, and unfortunately, many Canadians are affected by this fatality in their own homes. Sadly, in many cases, it is while…

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