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Home and Gardening Tips For Your HVAC

Home and Gardening With ATN Mechanical

We will be the first to say, HVAC units are not pretty. If you like to gather with friends in the backyard, they don’t add to your landscaping. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We have some great home and gardening tips that will have your yard looking top-notch. Moreover, your HVAC unit won’t be an eyesore anymore. With just a few simple ideas, your backyard will be looking better than ever. Now, it is time to start thinking. Winter will be over before we know it, and that means time to garden.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are options for you. When it comes to home and gardening, the possibilities are endless. But you must decide what type of look you want. Greenery, flowers, gravel? Or maybe even just a beautiful fence. Whatever your style, we’ve got the home and gardening ideas. Yet, first, we have a few things to go over…

How Do I Decide What to Do?

First things first, before you decide on the design, think about a few things.

You must space out your plants. No, not from each other. Instead, think about the spacing between your garden and the HVAC unit. When garden planning, keep in mind the 2-3 feet rule. This means, on each side of your unit, there should be 2-3 feet of clear space. Do not plant in this range. Otherwise, you can run into some problems such as:

  • Restricted Air Flow
  • Decreased Efficiency
  • Shortened lifespan

Ultimately, it means more repairs. Which turns into more money. Which then accounts for less time/money for your summer. Is it worth it? NO! Take the time to plan out your home and gardening properly. Trust us; it will be worth it. Plus, your HVAC technician will thank you. More space means more straightforward repairs for them. It’s a win-win.

Time to Sit and Relax…

Next, make sure there is lots of shade. Do you feel more relaxed when you sit in the shade on a hot summer day? Your AC feels that too. However, don’t just think about your unit on its own. The most effective way to cool your AC unit is to keep your backyard cool. So, think about home and gardening ideas that support this idea. It doesn’t mean you need a shady yard. But, planning for shaded areas in your space is never a bad idea. We all love the sun, but too much isn’t suitable for anyone. (especially your HVAC unit)

Need some inspiration? Here are 21 Ways to Add Shade to Your Backyard.

As a side note, trees with leaves will be your best friend. Why? Well, during the summer, it provides the must-needed shade. Then, during the winter, the sun can shine through and will warm your AC unit up. Keep that in mind when doing your planning.

Other Home and Gardening Ideas

Potted Plants

Are you looking for a temporary fix? If you can’t decide on your home and gardening layout, potted plants are a quick fix. Quick to put up and ready to move. Especially if you are renting your home. Potted plants are less permanent but equally as useful. It’s an excellent alternative. Just move them around as you please, or as you need. Your AC unit will be hidden, but you can easily change it when needed. Moreover, you can change the plants each year.

Our #1 choice? Long grasses! These plants are easy to plant and maintain. Just remember to trim them! It’s essential to create space around AND above. Remember, 2-3 feet is ideal. And again, that means 2-3 feet besides, but also 2-3 feet ontop. The details do matter.

Trellis & Plant Combination

It doesn’t have to be all plants, all the time. What does that mean? Well, you can do a combination. Or, you could even just choose a trellis on its own. However, for the point of this blog, we want to give you home and gardening tips.

A trellis is a beautiful way to hide your HVAC unit. Additionally, there are multiple designs. Regular, screen, and lattice are all options. But, if you’re looking to spruce things up a bit, here are a few options that grow well. For more information on growing, click the type of greenery.

However, you will have to remember to maintain your plants. Especially vines. As with any home and gardening ideas, you can’t just let it be. Plants need TLC. Just like you and me.

Shrubs and Bushes

Looking for dense greenery? Shrubs and bushes are your go-to. However, depending on your style, you have a few different options. Do you want flowers? Height? Or maybe just something basic? Either way, we have some ideas to cover up that AC unit.

Hydrangeas are the perfect choice for hiding your unit with some colour. Unlike many shrubs, hydrangeas produce lovely flowers. These plants reproduce quickly, and within a year or two, you will have full coverage. Additionally, they are easy on the wallet. Hydrangeas are on the lower end of the cost scale. These are an excellent choice for someone looking for easy, cost-effective home and gardening additions.

Another great option is the dogwood tree. While they do not flower, they are around the same price point as a hydrangea plant. Also, Dogwood trees offer more coverage. And if you miss the flowers, it will make up for it in the fall. Most dogwoods have beautiful colours when changing.

Gravel Gardens

Seem like an oxymoron? It’s not! Many people are choosing to put gravel gardens around their HVAC units. Gravel gardens are becoming the new thing. Low maintenance, no time needed, now that’s something you can get on board with. Especially if you are someone who is on the go.

The first step, however, isn’t the gravel. To create a successful gravel garden, you have to create a level space. Using a level concrete slab will work the best. Once your ground is level, it’s a blank canvas. And, if you’re feeling basic, just fill with gravel. You could even add mulched plant beds to make it more appealing. In the end, there is less grass to mow and fewer weeds to pull. Now that’s something to be happy about.

Before creating your backyard haven, schedule a quick tune-up. Our technicians would be happy to provide some insight as well! Spring is just around the corner, don’t wait!


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