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How To Read A Thermostat

How To Read A Thermostat - Blog by ATN Mechanical Systems

Is your home not as comfortable as you would like it? It is feeling more like a house than a home? An easy solution is right where it all begins. Checking your thermostat requires you to look at each of the features to ensure they are set to where you desire. Look at:

  1. Temperature
  2. Programming
  3. Fan – continuous or intermittent?
  4. Batteries – do you have a back up?

Thermostats usually are tested or checked when your system is being serviced.

Do you need maintenance check, or have further questions? Call us!

Hot Tips For Your Hot Water Heater

Not a fan of those frigid showers? Or wasting water until it’s warm?

  • Ensure it is capable to meet the demands of your home
  • Make sure a licensed mechanic installs it
  • Do not store paints, or other chemicals around it
  • Check that the temperature is not set too high (otherwise, you could get burnt!)
  • If possible, install a water softener to protect your tank from corrosion and lime build up

Avoid The Odour With These Gas Tips

  • Install a Natural Gas and CO detector near the furnace and sleeping area
  • If you smell rotten eggs (Mercaptan) contact your local utility and ventilate your home. Do not engage any electrical items!
  • Be smart, be safe!

Cool Your Costs With AC Upkeep

In the summer time, when we have scorching days in the sun, it’s nice to have a cool home/haven.  Follow these tips and you stay chilled this summer!

  • Change your furnace filter (if you don’t know how, or what type of filter your require- call us, we can help!)
  • Wash out your condenser using your garden hose
  • Ensure your ductwork is functioning efficiently (have a professional duct cleaning company come once in 5 years)

Electric Efficiency Tips

  • Be efficient with heat producing appliances (ie. stoves, don’t stand with the fridge door open)
  • Turn lights out when you are not in the room
  • Set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature
  • Utilize window coverings to decrease sun exposure

Service Tips

  • Have your gas appliances serviced at least once, every two years by a qualified service contractor
  • Best time for service: September/October
  • A qualified provider will check all systems safeties, ensuring peak efficiency
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