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HVAC Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance for Your HVAC with ATN Mechanical

Spring is the best time of year to do a thorough cleaning. While it’s a brilliant idea to use this time to clear the dirt and dust that has gathered inside of your home during the winter months, it’s also the right time to carry out some spring maintenance on your HVAC system.

Why should you bother, and what are the benefits? Spring maintenance on your HVAC system allows it to properly supply your home with clean air. This helps to ensure the system continues to work successfully. Not only can an effectively operating machine mean lower electricity costs, but it will also save you from the need to pay for any unnecessary maintenance. It will also extend the equipment’s operational life. All great reasons to invest a small amount of your time towards upkeeping your HVAC system!

Here are a few regular spring HVAC maintenance recommendations that every homeowner should take advantage of;

Change Your Air Filter

For two reasons, this is the number one tip any homeowner should be paying attention to. It’s easy to do, and it can have a big effect on your HVAC system’s health. In your home, a clean air filter decreases overall energy consumption. It also boosts your home’s air quality by collecting common airborne pollutants such as allergens and dust. If you live in an environment with high pollen counts, this is especially important to take note of. Low air quality is not just about comfort, but it’s linked to a variety of severe health problems as well. If you would like further insight on how to maintain great air quality in your home, check out our previous blog post where we break it down for you.

You can change the air filter every month if you have a removable filter in your machine. Whereas if you have a washable filter, it is vital that you clean and wash it on a monthly basis.

Inspect Your Ductwork During Spring HVAC Maintenance

Inspect Your Duct Work during Spring Maintenance with ATN Mechanical

Your ductwork is an important aspect of the HVAC system in your home as well. When checking your home’s ductwork, ensure that any existing leaks, cracks or holes are properly sealed and attended to. You can typically seal cracks, leaks or holes with HVAC tape or Duct Sealant, it’s quite inexpensive and prevents losing energy. You are not only sealing the air in, but you are sealing the dust out as well. It’s easy to do and leads to cost savings and improved indoor air quality.

Clear the Drainage Hole

Usually, air conditioners have a drainage hole situated at the base of their cabinet. This hole needs to be kept clear in order for your HVAC system to function efficiently. A drainage hole will become clogged if not, and prevent the drainage of your unit. This would place much more pressure on the unit and decrease its overall effectiveness. Clogs may also occur at the P-trap which is located not too far from the drainage hole, be sure to keep this clear as well.

Clear the Drainage Hole During Spring HVAC Maintenance with ATN Mechanical

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

If you or your family members happen to suffer from asthma or allergies, having windows and doors closed to prevent allergens from coming inside is a smart idea. In the summer months it is best to keep windows and doors closed not only to keep allergens out, but also to keep the hot and humid air out. Letting in an excess amount of hot and humid air puts a lot of tension on your HVAC system. These both have affects you may not want – reduces the efficiency of the system and increases the operational costs!

Keep Windows and Doors Closed to Prevent Allergens Advice from ATN Mechanical

Remove all Obstacles Around the Outside Portion of the Unit

Checking the outdoor device periodically is critical because it is subject to the elements. You should periodically inspect the unit to clear any weeds. Also ensure that vegetation around does not grow within two feet of the unit. This is particularly important in order to allow your air conditioner to gather the air that it needs in order to properly control the temperature in your home.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Not only can this provide you with more climate regulation in your house, but it would also help reduce energy costs. This is because you can adjust the temperature and ensure that when no one is home, the system operates less. You can expect prices to range anywhere between $50 and $300 depending on the look and feel of the device. As well as extra “nice to have” tech features, such as a touch screen or its own mobile app it is compatible with. Take a look at smart thermostats here. You should have no problem finding one with ease at a hardware store such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Home Hardware. Amazon and other online retailers are worth considering as well. They offer much more convenience for little to no price difference.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, the best time for you to have one mounted is this Spring. If you have a programmable thermostat, changing the settings and upgrading your system’s schedule is a smart idea. You should also do a quick check to guarantee all of the vents are open throughout your home. If you need any assistance with installing or programming a new thermostat for your household, contact us. We would be happy to get it up and running for you!

Give Your Air Conditioner a Test Run During Your Spring Maintenance

It’s a clever idea to turn your system on and use it for a while well before the hot weather hits. This is a perfect way to tell if your unit has any possible problems. Thiis will allow you to schedule a repair before the warm summer months.

Schedule Routine Spring HVAC Maintenance

Schedule Regular Maintenance with ATN Mechanical

It’s time to call in the specialists after you’ve completed all of the tasks above. It’s a wise choice to have your HVAC system serviced by a specialist, even if you are consistent with maintaining and replacing your air filters, keeping the outside unit clean and setting your programmable thermostat. They will be able to take a more thorough and in depth look at the machine itself, including testing all connections, taking electrical amp pull readings and checking the coolant pressure.

Put Thought Into a System Upgrade

Lastly let me explain a few great key factors as to why installing a new air conditioning system in the spring is the perfect time to do so. If your machine is outdated, it would save you money in heating and cooling costs in the long run if it is replaced by a modern, reliable system. It is ideal to get this completed now in the spring, rather than in the hot summer months. This will eliminate the possibility of your house becoming unbearable without air conditioning. Contractors are also normally very busy during the summer months. This may result in potentially having to wait for the system to be installed for weeks. 

Note that Spring cleaning is much more than simply cleaning the interior dust and dirt accumulated in your home and tending to your yard. Feel free to contact us so we can help you with any of your Spring HVAC maintenance questions, concerns, repairs or installations!


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