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Residential HVAC System

Residential HVAC System

What is a Residential HVAC System?

A residential HVAC system plays an important role in all of our homes. HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. They keep our homes cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy during the winter. Many homes and buildings typically have a combination of heating and cooling sources. These systems usually last a long time. However, they can also become faulty and breakdown after a while. If this happens, there are certainly points to consider before getting a new system. We’ll provide recommendations for selecting systems. This will improve indoor air quality in your home.

For starters, a residential HVAC system can either be central or local. A central system distributes air from a centralized location. This is done via a network of ducts throughout the home. A local source is ductless. It usually distributes air to a single area in the home. To simplify, think of central and local as multi zones versus a single zone. We know technical details can get confusing so we will expand on some of the technical aspects later in this article.

When should you consider getting a new residential HVAC system? Earlier on, we mentioned HVAC systems breaking down over time after prolonged use. Another time to consider a new system is during a renovation or expansion. To get the best advice, seek out an experienced HVAC contractor or technician. They will provide a thorough explanation of your HVAC system. Additionally, they will determine if you need expansion or other additional work done on your ducts. You can learn more about HVAC systems at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HVAC. Check out a full list of our own residential services!

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Cost is arguably one of the biggest factors to take into account when considering a new residential HVAC system. This is still the case for a new installation or the upgrade of an existing system. These systems can be costly to maintain or upgrade. Upgrading or replacing can provide some improvements to efficiency. Replacing an HVAC system too soon though, may not be worth the savings in efficiency. The important first step is to determine how old your current system is. If it is still fairly new, the best decision may be to hold off rather than enduring the cost of a new system. If you find yourself needing a new one, there are still ways you can save money.


You’ll have to determine the size of the residential HVAC system that will be the right fit for your home. You should determine this not solely by square footage though. Also consider the thickness of insulation and number of zones required. You need to exclude areas of your home which won’t be heated or cooled. When determining your furnace and air conditioner size, keep in mind that a bigger sized unit doesn’t necessarily mean better. An oversized unit can drive up your bills. When sized properly, you’ll have a comfortable home and a highly efficient unit. The size of ducts play an important role in how comfortable the air circulation will be throughout the house as well. If you’re building an addition to your home, the ducts may need to be resized. A professional HVAC technician will be able to help you determine what needs to be done.


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The next thing to consider is the maintenance aspect of the system. As with most mechanical systems, maintenance is absolutely critical. Your HVAC performs such an important role in your home. Regular preventative maintenance allows the system to operate with efficiency. It also conserves its lifespan. It’s easy to forget just how a lack of regular maintenance quickly contributes to a poorly operating system. When consulting with a professional, ask about what you should be doing for maintenance. Find out how many follow up inspections are to be done. Know how often you need to change the air filters. The better you understand your system, the better you will be able to take care of it. Keep on top of it!

Naturally, one of the benefits of having HVAC systems maintained is that indoor air quality improves as a result. The quality of air inside a home is very important to many homeowners. It can impact your health and the level of comfort you experience inside your home. The most direct way to impact indoor air quality is to replace the air filters. This will keep the HVAC running more efficiently. This will also ensure the air that flows through your home is much easier to breathe.

Keep in mind that filters don’t last forever. They serve other purposes besides filtering the air flowing throughout the house. Filters also protect the blower motor from dust. Therefore, not replacing dirty filters could overwork your HVAC system. It could also potentially have a negative impact on your utility bill. Additionally, cleaner air filters will have a positive effect on your ducts. The ducts won’t require cleaning as often!

In Conclusion

We’ve outlined some of the top considerations to keep in mind when it comes to your residential HVAC system. We’ve also provided a few quality tips to improve the indoor air quality in your home. These recommendations will give you a good introductory understanding of HVAC systems. You can now look after them better than before. If you don’t possess a lot of technical knowledge, don’t despair! You will become more comfortable and familiar with the core aspects and terminology associated with HVAC systems over time. Remember to constantly ask questions! Eventually you will have a better understanding of what an HVAC system requires. You’ll possess the knowledge which will help you cut costs. You’ll be able to improve efficiency by saving energy too.

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