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HVAC at ATN Mechanical SystemsThe one that does it all! An HVAC system is a rooftop unit that does it all - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This type of system is often used for industrial and commercial applications for businesses as they are manufactured in different capacities to help maintain specific indoor climate conditions. These units can range from 2-50 ton and operate utilizing multiple power configurations.

ATN’s commercial policy for HVAC inspection is twice annually to ensure proper operation and to maximize seasonal efficiencies. With the new carbon tax being introduced in 2017, it is even more critical to ensure your carbon footprint is reduced and your carbon tax load is kept to a minimum. Ways to you can ensure your carbon levels are reduced is by performing regular maintenance on your existing units, replace faulty parts that decrease efficiency, and contacting us for a tailored solution for your business.

We provide preventative maintenance plans to ensure regular visits and check ups and it allows you to be proactive for repair work so you don’t have costly downtime due to emergency repairs.


Industrial Furnace at ATN Mechanical SystemsWith cold Canadian winters, a working furnace is a must! Heating your home or business is essential for comfort on cold days and winter months. We provide exceptional care and service to all makes and models of furnaces, even if we did not install it. Our priority is customer satisfaction; we want to help you!

Furnaces and Air Conditioning are not the same units, but they work in conjunction with each other. Therefore you should get both serviced at same time, best time for that is late spring. Regular maintenance or full service are required if your heating unit is no longer working (no warm air coming out of the vents).  Furnaces can last anywhere between 15-20 years and can vary in sizes. ATN’s knowledgeable staff will be able to service or find you a furnace that is properly sized to maximize efficiency.  As a customer, your responsibility is to make sure you maintain clearance around the furnace, change the system filters 2 times a year (spring & fall) with a quality filter, and never cover the furnace unit.

Fact: The average life of a furnace is 15-20 years. The average furnace older than 10 years can be operating at 60% efficiency without proper maintenance.


Air Conditioning with ATN Mechanical SystemsAir conditioning can account for half, or more, of your home’s electricity usage. When AC units are improperly sized and installed this can greatly increase your electrical bill.  Using an AC unit that is incorrectly sized will not only cost you more in electrical usage, but will also not properly cool your space and may need to be replaced sooner.

AC units are responsible for removing the heat and humidity from your home, leaving you with a cool, dry and comfortable environment.  Service is required when you are no longer experiencing the cool environment when the system is on. The lifespan of an AC unit can fall within 13-20 years, with maintenance every 2 years.   There could be many reasons as to why your AC unit is no longer working and ATN is on your side for finding your resolution!

ATN will come to your home or business to evaluate and select a suitable unit that will be efficient and cost effective. Our experience in the industry guarantees that we will provide you with a unit that will not only cool you space, but is also reliable.

Refrigeration Equipment

Refridgeration Equipment at ATN Mechanical SystemsHow do you know your unit is the right fit for you? We provide consultations and evaluations of your processes that require specific cooling loads.  Our 60+ years of experience makes us exceptional at servicing any unit or request.  If your unit is not running within the required temperature range, this is an indication that your system requires service.  Our service evaluations will recommend reliable solutions, whether it is a single part or a new unit.

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