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Spring Cleaning For HVAC in Your Home

Spring Cleaning With ATN Mechanical

During this time of year, spring cleaning is on everyone’s radar. After a long, cold winter, we are ready to get outside. What about you? It’s time to make your spring cleaning checklist. Let’s get ready to wash away the grime of winter. We are here to give you the ups and downs. In this blog, we will go over our spring cleaning tips. You’ll be ready for summer in no time!

How to Change Your Furnace Filter

Did you know, that the air in our homes is often more polluted than outside? Yuck! Changing your furnace filter should be #1 on your spring cleaning checklist. After all, it has been working hard all winter. Chances are, your filter is ready for an upgrade. At the very least, change your filter before the heating and cooling seasons. So, during the fall and the spring, this should be on your list of things to do. This will help your HVAC systems run more efficiently.

Follow these tips for a safe swap:

  • To begin, briefly shut down your system.
  • Next, you must find the filter. Generally speaking, they are located underneath the unit. Carefully, remove the cover and take out the screen.
  • Once removed, clean around the area. It is important to remember this step! Otherwise, you will be blowing pollutants back into the air.
  • Lastly, you will want to install the new furnace filter. In this step, you should install the filter according to the manufactures directions – and then securely replace the cover. That’s it! You’re on your way to cleaner air.

If you are having trouble with accessing your furnace, or are unsure of any step, please give us a call at ATN Mechanical. Above all, safety comes first. Do not attempt anything that doesn’t feel safe to you.

Spring Cleaning Necessity: The Ducts

More often than not, duct cleaning is forgotten or overlooked. Your ducts only have one job. But, it is an important one. These systems help circulate air throughout your home. They carry warm air in the winter, and cold air in the summer.

Much like furnace filters, they easily become dirty. Harmful contaminants such as mould, mildew and spider webs become trapped. Unfortunately, ducts are not easily accessible. Consequently, this job is one to leave to the professionals. It may not seem essential for your spring clean-up, but why risk having debris floating around your house? It’s time to start taking a breath of fresher air.

Check Your Batteries

In this case, we are talking about your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries. During spring cleaning, test and change required batteries. For the safety of your family, and your home, this step is crucial. A working smoke alarm increases your odds of survival during a fire by 60%! Moreover, carbon monoxide is known as “the silent killer.” The only way to detect this deadly gas is with a working alarm. Don’t get stuck in a bad situation. Complete this easy task in a matter of minutes. Additionally, wipe each detector down, removing any dust particles. Pesky dust becomes trapped and can prohibit the units from properly working.

Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out


The kitchen is the center of your home. It is the place your family gathers for meals. In this space, you spend countless hours. In turn, it is a high traffic area of the home. And, for this reason, it is susceptible to trapping contaminants. We have become accustomed to cleaning what we can see. But, what about the things we can’t see? Food particles, grease, and grime can have physical effects on our health. Therefore, we have come up with a few tips to keep your HVAC systems in optimal condition:

  1. Check your range frequently. It is used to trap food smells, grease, and grime that comes from cooking. It will be vented to the outside of your house. The filter inside should be changed often.
  2. Clean as you go. For example, if you spill something on your stovetop, clean it right away. You may only need a quick wipe. However, if you wait too long, you’ll have a harder time. Consequently, when grime begins to build up, it reduces your ovens efficiency. So all in all, it is best to clean as you go.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals. When looking for cleaners, try to find a product that is health conscious. Remember, whatever you use in your home, is also in your air. To create quality air, reduce the number of chemicals you use in your spring cleaning endeavor.


Cleaning your bathroom exhaust fans should be done once a year. Therefore, it is the perfect addition to your spring cleaning checklist. This is especially true for bathrooms located in the basement, where moisture often collects. This will prevent a buildup of moisture within the room and within your home. Be sure to remind your family to use the exhaust fans when showering throughout the year as well. These systems are meant to filter stale, humid air outdoors thereby increasing indoor air quality.

Family Room/Bedrooms

While you may not have an HVAC system in these rooms specifically, there are things you can do to enhance the quality of the units in your home. Our first tip is to caulk around the windows in your house. This will keep the cold air inside, and the hot air outside during the summer months. Secondly, we often tell people to use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture in the home. During the humid weather, these portable appliances are a lifesaver. Lastly, as we have mentioned, keep your filters clean to help remove dust. It may be impossible to completely get rid of dust, but swapping out old filters will prove to do its part.

Outdoor Maintenance

As you move outdoors, there are lots of things to be done. In the midst, remember to check on your AC unit. Even if you have it covered during the winter, it can always use a spring cleaning. Despite the cold weather, weeds and grass continue to grow. And, any growth blocking the unit will decrease the efficiency. With that in mind, you should remove any greenery within 2 feet of the AC system. Furthermore, take a peek inside the condenser. Do you see any loose debris? Clean it out! With these two steps, you will create better airflow and lower monthly bills.

Spring is a busy time for us all. Homeowners, we know you have plenty to take care of this year. Why not let us do the hard work for you? Not only will you save money in the long term, but you will be reassured your HVAC systems are in the best condition. Which also means, the air in your home is as safe as it can be for your family this year.

Contact us to schedule your spring maintenance today!


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