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Tips to Sell Your Home

Tips to Sell Your Home with ATN Mechanical

Are you looking for some tips to sell your home? Or maybe, you are getting ready to put it on the market and want some fresh ideas. At any rate, we have a few excellent tips to sell your home FAST! Homebuyers today are looking for more than the basics. In fact, most people want move-in ready houses. So, what does that mean for you? Ultimately, it means you may have to put in some work. But don’t fret. A few changes could make a big difference.

Tips to Sell Your Home Part #1: Prepare for Home Inspection

Don’t let the state of your HVAC kill your sale. While buyers dream of painting walls, and buying furniture, replacing HVAC is probably not on the top of their lists. It’s essential to keep this in mind. Not only will fixing up your HVAC system make your home more appealing, but it increases the value as well.

For example, energy efficiency is now a priority. How efficient is your home? If you think there is room for improvement, now is the time. In terms of the HVAC, here are a few tips to sell your home:

Water Heaters

One of the first things you should do is check for water leaks. It is possible to have problems and not be aware of it. Therefore, it is best to double-check. Water leaks in the home cause severe damage. For example, lingering water encourages mold to grow. In turn, the quality of your air suffers. Fix this problem before you try and sell.

In the same manner, you want to assess your water heater. Does your water heater work efficiently? When coils need replacing, it slows the system down. However, it is vital to consider the age of your unit. If it is older than 10 years, replacing the heater adds value to your home. One of our technicians would be happy to assist in finding the perfect one.

Furnace and AC Units

Moving on, let’s take a look at your furnace and AC units. In all of our blogs, we stress the importance of proper HVAC maintenance. Taking care of your HVAC system makes it last longer, and work more efficiently. For this reason, we suggest adding a service call to your list of tips to sell your home.

During the service call, your technician is there to assist with a variety of things. First, they will do an assessment. This allows you to understand the state of your HVAC system. As well, they point out any issues. We can help you get your system working good as new!

Much like your water heater, you should consider the age of your units. Once a system is over 10 years old, it may not be working as well as it once was. Actually, after that age, the efficiency is only about 60%. Therefore, its time to replace it.

When homeowners think of replacing HVAC systems, they think of significant expenses – even if that’s not the case. You could be scaring off buyers. Hence, it’s vital to put in a system that appeals to your market.

Not sure where to begin? Our skilled technicians will help you find the best solution for your home. Additionally, we can update you on the newest trends that appeal to potential buyers. Let us show you what you can do! The options are endless.

Tips to Sell Your Home Part #2: Think Smart

Years ago, you could make do with a fresh coat of paint and staging your home. However, in today’s society, you need to think bigger. Homebuyers expect more from you than they once did. To illustrate, consumer reports state that 75% of potential buyers are looking for Smart Home Devices.

So, what can you do to upgrade your house without costing an arm and a leg? We have a few ideas for staging your home to sell:

Smart Upgrades for Your Home

Our first suggestion is to swap out your old thermostat for a smart thermostat. People want to be able to control their home while they are away. Not just for convenience, but also for efficiency. If homebuyers are aware, this helps them save money; they may be more inclined to buy.

In the realm of smart thermostats, there are many options to choose from. Thankfully, you should be able to upgrade for $200 or less. Of course, if money isn’t a concern, check out the newest products. Needless to say, technology has come a long way. Moreover, you shouldn’t need an HVAC technician to install the unit. But, we are just a call away if you need some help.

For more information on choosing a smart thermostat, check out our blog Smart Thermostats For Your Home.

Safety Features You Should be Thinking About

With technology in mind, it’s time to smarten up your smoke detectors. This way, you begin to create peace of mind for your buyers. When selling your home, it’s all about the appeal. You have to know what people want!
Smart detectors are available for both smoke and CO2. Studies show that people are spending more time away from their homes on average. Hence the need to be connected. Help improve the safety factor of your home with this small step.

If you are looking for the whole package, there are a few other technology tips to sell your home. For example, you could install smart locks and monitoring systems. How handy would it be to see who was at your door while you were away?

The newest smart locks boast some fantastic features; First of all, you can lock or unlock the door from your smartphone. Secondly, you can create electronic keys. This means you can send a code to someone that allows them to enter the home. Lastly, the device keeps a record of who enters and sets off an alarm for tampering. Your potential buyers can feel safe and secure with this home upgrade.

We make your home a priority. Moreover, we understand that your home is an investment. We are leaders and innovators who strive to exceed your expectations. So, it’s time to take the next step in selling your home. It’s a decision we know you won’t regret.


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