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Types of Air Conditioners For Your Home

Types of Air Conditioners With ATN Mechanical

Summer is finally here. Is your home ready? We talked about how to get your homes ready for spring. But what about summer? What types of air conditioners will work best? In this blog, we have all you need to know about keeping your homes cool this year.

To start, there are many types of air conditioners. Likewise, there are many different options to choose from. It all comes down to your individual needs. What do you need from your system? Firstly, you want to consider the space you want to cool. Small units will work for use in single rooms. However, for whole-home comfort, you may need a central system. Remember, this is an investment in your home. Saving a few dollars now will cost you in the long run. If you’re not sure, it’s best to get a quote from a professional. Our technicians will help you choose the most suitable option for your home. Contact us for more information!

Types of Cooling Systems

Central Air Conditioning Unit

The most common and efficient way to cool your house is with a central unit. So, how does it work? As the temperatures in your house rise, a signal automatically sends to your thermostat. From there, the system recognizes that cold air is needed. Then, the system activates the blower motor (inside) and the condenser (outside). Next, the warm air flows through the ductwork. Once the air is cooled, it returns into your home through the vents. Subsequently, the refrigerant in your central system absorbs the heat from the air. The heated refrigerant moves into the condenser, and then, outside. The process continues until it has reached your desired temperature. Seems easy right?

If you are like most Canadians, HVAC may not be your expertise. Thankfully, it is ours! We can help to explain everything you need to know about installing and maintaining a central air conditioning system. Not to mention, we have the latest in technology. Interested in smart thermostats? We’ve got you covered. Leading manufactures suggest that installing a smart thermostat will save you energy. In turn, saving you money. Additionally, you will be able to control your home’s system wherever you are. Just connect to wifi and you’re good to go.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Many older homes use ductless systems. Similar to central air; there is an indoor and outdoor component. If you are looking to cool individual rooms, this may be for you! Most ductless types of air conditioners can use as many as four units indoors. Each is linked to the same outdoor unit. However, unlike central air conditioning, each room has a thermostat. Therefore, you can adjust accordingly. Many businesses choose this type of system for that reason. Furthermore, it can keep costs down in a home as well. Only cool the rooms you desire with a ductless air conditioner.

Installing new ductwork is very expensive. Moreover, it’s invasive and time-consuming. Are you not looking for that investment just yet? Choose a ductless system. With virtually no construction needed, it is a great choice for new home buyers on a budget. 

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is the most versatile. They are easy to move from room to room. However, they do require ventilation. These units are placed on the floor. Yet, they must be vented through a window.  Unfortunately, some people have reported portable air conditioners to be noisier than others. The evaporator fan is working at all times. As a result, the unit is louder than its counterparts.

Nonetheless, these systems are effective at cooling small spaces. Most units can cool up to 700 square feet. In your best interest, we came up with a few pros and cons for choosing these types of air conditioners. Firstly, they are versatile and self-contained. Secondly, they are easy to install and easy to store during cooler months. Lastly, they are versatile. Most units offer a 3-in-1 feature consisting of AC, Fan, and Dehumidifier. Perfect for apartments.

On the flip side, there are a few downsides. As mentioned, they can be loud. Additionally, the venting kits cause window obstructions and clash with home decor. This is a BIG downside for many home owners. But, most importantly, portable air conditioners have limited cooling capacity.

Window Air Conditioners

One of the other smaller types of air conditioners fits inside your window. Remember those? While we don’t always suggest this type, in some circumstances, it can do the job. A window AC unit takes warm air from your home and turns it into cold air. However, it is limited to one room. The cooling capacity is limited. For optimal comfort, we always suggest a whole-home system. Unfortunately, in small spaces, this may be the only option. If you are considering a window air conditioner, have a technician fit it for size. Improper sizing is detrimental to success. An incorrectly installed unit will cost you money in the long run. Be smart from the beginning. And hey, we are here to help. Just ask one of our skilled technicians.

What Types of Air Conditioners are Best for Me?

Good Question! In this blog, we have gone over various types of air conditioners. Are you still feeling lost? We have come up with a few more things to think about before choosing your system:

How big is your home? How many rooms do you want to cool? This should be the main deciding factor in your choice. While prices may be daunting, you must remember it is an investment in your future. Saving a few dollars in the beginning, may not be worth it in the end.

What type of windows do you have? Are they fully sealed? Your windows have a significant impact on your HVAC. If warm air is coming in through cracks, it also means cool air is leaving. This puts unnecessary stress on your air conditioning units.

If you have any questions about cooling your home or are looking for a new air conditioner, Call ATN today. Our trusted technicians will assess your home and discuss your needs with you. Ultimately, we are here to find the right solution for you and your family.


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